Program: November 11 Saturday at Meijo University Tempaku Campus + Online

8:30-9:00   Registration at Meijo University Room N505

9:00-9:15        Opening Statements Room N505

Welcoming Speech by Host University, Prof. Yuri SADOI, Meijo University

Welcoming Speech by Mie University, Prof. HyeSook PARK, Mie University

Welcoming Speech by Altheia University, Prof. Kuanju LIN

Welcoming Speech by Cebu Normal University, Prof. Angeline M. POGOY


9:15-9:45       Keynote Speech 1 Room N505

Title: Implications of US-China War for Taiwan on Trade and Cooperation with Japan and the US

Prof. Brenda Yaling Chen, Aletheia University

Associate Prof. Dept. of Law / Director of Center for International Affairs & Chinese Language Center


9:50-10:20      Keynote Speech 2 Room N505

Title: Strategies of Mie University and Mie Prefecture for Advanced Environment, SDGs, CN and Innovation in the Post COVID-19 Era

Prof. HyeSook Park, Mie University, Visiting Professor

First Director, WHOACE (WHO Asia-Pacific Center for Environment and Health)

President, CAS-Net JAPAN (Campus Sustainability Network in Japan)


10:20-10:30     Keynote Speech 3 (The concept of the joint conference theme) Room N505

Title: Challenge and Opportunities for ASEAN engineers working in Japan

   Prof. Yuri Sadoi, Meijo University


10:40-12:20     Session 1

Room 1 (N505): 5 paper presentations

Room 2 (N506): 5 paper presentations

Room 3 (N507): 5 Paper presentations


12:20-13:00     Lunch at the conference Room 1(N505) Lunch box is prepared



13:00-14:40     Session 2

Room 1(N505): 5 paper presentations

Room 2(N506): 5 paper presentations

Room 3(N507): 5 Paper presentations


14:40-15:00 Coffee break

15:00-16:40 Session3

Room 1(N505): 5 paper presentations


16:40-17:00 Closing Statements Room 1 (N505)

The 15th TPJ Conference host university announcement by Altheia University


17:30 A chartered bus departs from the campus (in front of Tower 75 building)

Move by chartered bus to reception dinner at Japanese restaurant “KISOJI”. 

All the paper precentors at the site are invited to the dinner.

We need reservation, so please reserve to by Nov. 1


17:45-20:00 Dinner Reception   Kisoji  




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